carolyn greenwood aidta


I started my training right here at Priestley Theatre Dance School aged just 2 years old! With my Mum as my teacher, many people might think that I had an easy ride, but that is certainly not the case.


I was pulled up and corrected just as much as the others in my class, and I am so glad that I was, as it has made me the dancer and teacher that I am toda.I danced all the way through my school days, advancing up the grades into the professional level classes, and took my first teaching exam when I was 16. 

When it was time to think about University there was only one path that I was interested in. In 2003 I started a 3 year Musical Theatre course at the prestigious Midlands Academy of Dance & Drama, where I was able to enhance the training and knowledge I already had, fine tuning my performance skills and strengths.


After graduating I was fortunate enough to successfully audition for several consecutive touring shows and summer seasons, which saw me travel the length and breadth of the country doing what I love the most. However, as much as I loved performing, I missed my family and so made the decision to focus more on the teaching side of things.


I now oversee and run all the junior classes at Priestley Theatre Dance School, as well as all of the Tap classes, across all age groups and abilities