We run several different theatre based dance classes catering for all age groups, from 3 years right up to adults and everything in between. For those who have never had any dealings with the dance world, below is a brief synopsis of the disciplines we offer:



Ballet technique forms the foundations of all dance training, teaching, poise, elegance, strength, and fluidity of movement.


Learn correct turnout & how to correctly stretch the feet & legs as a beginner, with the opportunity to progress all the way to pirouettes & pointe work in the advanced classes.  Whether you are dancing for pure enjoyment or planning to pursue a career, this classical style will stand you in good stead.



Learn the discipline and versatility of a West End performer! Theatre Craft is an essential skill for any dancer, as it gives.


you the freedom of movement tuition,  acting technique and dance development to foster the future West End Star.

Classes follow the IDTA syllabus, and are tailored according to age and ability.



With its origins rooted deep in history, Tap dance has evolved and diversified into many different branches.


Here we focus on developing a good technique with a solid understanding of how each step is executed so that as a student progresses, we can start to explore more challenging and rhythmically demanding styles.



This subject combines singing, acting & dancing to encourage the sound development of a triple threat performer.


Students benefit from vocal needed to create a well rounded performer With dedication you will be able to achieve the strength & flexibility needed for high kicks, splits, and fluid turns.


Working side by side with our Musical Theatre classes, Theatre Craft develops with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and most importantly performance.